Monday, November 1, 2010

Snapshots of Halloween 2010

The big day has come and gone *poof* just like that! We have so much candy in our house, it's ridiculous - we need some help eating it!

See the pink glitter dots around my daughters eyes? (just like one of her mermaid barbies). I thought I was the "clever crafty" genius, by adding pink craft glitter to clear body glitter gel. It looked GREAT, but when it came time to wash it off, we found out that the pink colour from the craft glitter had seeped into her pores, and no amount of scrubbing, or vaseline, or eye make-up remover could remove the pink stained dots on her face! There's still traces now, and it's been 3 days!

Here's some party decorations at a little friend's Halloween party:
A ghoulish band was playing on the porch of this house along the "Parade of Lost Souls" route:
One of my favourite pumpkins from last night:

At the end of the night, there was a big neighbourhood fireworks party. It all started off with some sparklers for the kids:
The "works" lined up:
These dads killed me. They were looking at each other saying "you've done this before right?"...."no, I thought you've done it"..."No, I have no idea what I'm doing"....."Neither do I".....

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  1. This was very funny, thanks for sharing! Only a few people celebrate Halloween here in Germany, and very few children come and ask for candy - none where I live.
    I hope your daughter doesn´t hate her pink dots too much!


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