Friday, October 29, 2010

The Coolest Bottle Cap EVER

Isn't this the coolest bottle cap EVER?!

I have clients saving their bottle caps for me, and some come in with stuffed to the brim/overflowing baggies (and are embarrassed by the amount of beer they've gone through since their last visit!), and others reach in their purse and pull out 3 or 4 caps. I welcome them all, and it's interesting to see what people's favourite beverages are. I love Granville Island caps - they have great cap colours!

This lone cap came from my friend/client Emily, who found it lying on the side of the road. Thanks Em, it's AWESOME!

Speaking of cool treasures, one of my class mates at the Encaustic Workshop class, was Russell, from I just had to take a couple of snapshots of his tray of goodies! He gave me a piece of his (perfectly crumbly) antique sewing tape to use in my bird piece.

1 comment:

  1. That IS a cool cap! My BIL and his GF save caps for me as well. Only the ones they deem different though...I'm guessing they don't want to let on how much beer they've drank either. :)


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