Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Etsy Shop is Now Open

Guess what?!?! I finally opened up my etsy shop again! People have been asking me all summer whether or not I had an online shop, when I was going to open it again etc., etc.

Tonight was the night I opened it up again. Since I opened up my new shop "RavensRestStudio" (on etsy), I just haven't found the time to post anything on there. Back when I had "JenniferConway" on etsy, I guess I had more time.

Here's some items that I put up tonight. As I make new stuff, I'll update the shop (this time much more frequently!). I'm planning on re-visiting the beeswax collage crows again too!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Last Days of Summer

It seems like ages ago that I last checked in! The end of Summer is winding down here in our neck of the woods. Our weather is still GREAT though - way better than it was in the beginning of the Summer!

School has started for my two little ones. My oldest started grade 2! (2/3 split class), and my daughter has started Kindergarten. You know that ad on t.v.: (Christmas song playing) "It's the most wonderful time of the year......", with the parents running around in glee, shopping for school supplies, thrilled to bits that the kids are going back to school? That's how I feel! A quiet house for a few hours a day - aaaahhhhhhh......

The Summer markets have been winding down too, and I only have one more market left to do (West End Farmers market, September 24th)....then Hawaii here we come!
Here's a glimpse of my table at the Kerrisdale farmers market last Saturday:
A custom necklace made for a customer from the Ladner Village Market:
Fresh veggies from our neighbours. We had BLT's with these fresh, delicious, wonderful smelling tomatoes:
Here's my Visa/MC woman in action (doing her job well!):

Saturday, September 3, 2011


This weekend is the 25th annual Vancouver Scooter Rally. If you happen to own a vintage, or European scooter, and live in (or near) Vancouver, you should try to catch some of the rally events. Now that we have kids, our rally experience is a bit different! Today I'm off to meet up with the scooter riders in our mini-van and kids, but luckily we have Grandma Norma to babysit for the night events!

Tomorrow from 10am to 2pm, I'll be at the Kitsilano Farmers Market. The summer markets are winding down......Christmas is just around the corner! *gasp*

These are last minute resin projects drying in the sun today:

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