Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fair Photo's

Another weekend of fairs come and gone. whew!

Here's part of my table at Dunbar this Saturday:

I was happy to see that my neighbour was "trashbags"! Jaymie makes these super-awesome zippered bags out of used candy/coffee/noodle/etc. bags!

She had hoards of people at her table all day long. I should have taken a photo at the start of the day!

One of my favourites:

On Sunday I was out at "St. Thomas More", and this year traded with my fellow crafter friend Dawn of "Revamp Vintage".

Isn't her packaging FABULOUS!!

The earrings I got were on one of these cat cards - cool eh?!

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  1. Hey Jennifer ... you look busy, busy, busy! I've been trying to reach you through all means I can think ... please contact me so I can give you all the 12 days stuff from the Vancouver folks. Thanks! :)
    - Penelope


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