Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WOYWW? 163

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday - week 163. Today my workdesk was outside on my deck! Summer has finally arrived here in Vancouver, and everyone is enjoying the sun. I love to resin outdoors in the Summer - first of all, resin is stinky, poison-y stuff, so it's nice to be able to work with it outside. Also, the heat makes it much easier to mix up and work with.
Remember the little matchbox artdoll I made for my mom's drawing challenge? I turned her into a keychain today - here she is with some wet resin on her. I pulled out my trusty T.V. tray to work on.
The railings were all lined up with things in various drying stages.
Here's a tray of wet resined pieces. I've been soooo busy lately...I haven't blogged, tweeted, visited blogs, or peeked in on twitter. I haven't even been on know I must be busy when I haven't checked out Pinterest fifty thousand times a day! I've been prepping for a big outdoor show this weekend - Vancouver Folk Music Festival at Jericho Beach. The weather's going to be GREAT this year!!! hooray! We're due for some good weather since last year was a bust with buckets of rain. Feel like visiting some other creative spaces? Check out Julia Dunnit's blog: "Stamping Ground" for a list of participants.


  1. Have a lovely time away. Such lovely goodies drying in the sun. Happy crafting jill #73

  2. Wow! what a lot of lovely crafting. Thanks for the peep into your outside workspace. Have a good week. Hazel #124 x

  3. My word you have been busy, looks alot of fun even if stinky. Glad your weather has changed for the better, I'm still waiting here in the UK. Francesca #94

  4. Wow, you sure have been busy. They look fantastic, I have played with these but always make a mess of them. I did the glass tile ones and whenever I put the resin on the back it cracks, drives me crazy. Yours look perfect. Good luck with the festival, hope the weather holds for you.
    Have a great week.
    Von #51

  5. Wow, that's a lot of tiles and things all resin-ed up. You are one seriously crafty and productive lady! Love all the images...I would probably have to have one of everything if I was in Canada and at the Festival! :)
    Hope the weather stays good and lots of appreciative folks see your items, oh and I hope they have money to buy, as well!
    Deeyll #141


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