Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting Caught Up

I've been absent for a while! I was super busy doing some big summer markets and festivals as well as going on a little family vacation! Here's my booth at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival Bazaar. The photo on the left was taken at dusk, and you can see my lanterns lit up.
We went into the Cariboo to stay at "Grandma and Grandpa's" cabin. This is my dad's studio and the view from the studio.
The kids had a great time. Check out that super HUGE "blowy thing"! They brought up their slip n'!
The kids wanted to go fishing really bad, so here we are "fishing". It was a total fiasco with sharp hooks flying everywhere!
It was unusually green for this time of year (gah - only because it's been raining so much!).
Here's my table at the Khatsahlano Music + Art Festival:
Here's my table at the Ladner Village Market:
That's it - all caught up!


  1. great vacation shots and I ALWAYS love to see your table set up with all your goods, beautiful! Lots and Lots of sales i hope!!!!

  2. Love all of these photos...that big blowy thing looks like a dandelion!

  3. such a lovely vacation!! it looks so beautiful there!! looks like everyone had such fun!!
    your displays in your booth are so beautifully done!!the lanterns are sooooo pretty!!

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    You have been busy! I really like how you display your wares at craft fairs (so I'm gonna pin it!). The vacation photos look like you all had a great time. That cabin looks so wonderful - what a cute little deck.

    Happy Monday!


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