Monday, July 2, 2012

Finally, A Table Display That Works!

Here's my table display from the craft fair I did yesterday out at the Steveston Salmon Festival - Happy Birthday Canada! I'm used to setting up my display outdoors, on a larger surface area, so I had to compress to fit onto a 6 foot table. Finally, I think I'm (almost) liking my display...there's still a few bugs to work out, but I'm getting there!
My kids and I set up the table the day before, and we went out for fish and chips on the dock at Pajo's, and this large swan was gently cruising around (probably waiting for a stray fry). My daughter was thrilled!


  1. i think your table looks amazing, such a beautiful display, it must be so satisfying to see all your hard work on display!!!!

    I love swans, I have only saw them once in real life and it was at a distance,

  2. That display is so attractive, it really draws you to it, wanting to look closer and see what all the different things are - love it.


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