Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prototype Doll

I just wanted to share this doll that my mom is working on.

Isn't she great? She's a prototype, and I just love her - can't wait for her to make more!


  1. That's cool! Did you paint or tea dye the legs? If you use tetley orange poekoe tea to dye muslin, you can get skin colour tones. Is she going to have Marie Antoinette style hair?

  2. Hi Lelainia - My mom is making it - she's painting it. Good to know about the orange pekoe though! I'm always staining things with different kinds of tea's, with sometimes good, sometimes......surprising results!

  3. Jen, I shall look forward to seeing your mom's lovely finished doll:)

    Speaking of tea dyes, I use to use sassafras tea to get a lovely reddish tone for doing hair of muslin.

    I also love your bird series!


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