Thursday, January 20, 2011

Etsy Treasury

I've recently opened up a new etsy shop, using my new name: RavensRestStudio. I've only put a few things up (more to come!), and am tickled pink to see one of my birds up in a fun treasury! My old etsy shop is under my name: JenniferConway, but I started to ignore it to the point of not having anything at all in it. I have people at shows ask me all the time where they can buy my stuff online, and I sheepishly tell them that yes, I am on etsy, but it's badly neglected.......very badly neglected! So I'm starting from scratch with no hearts, no feedback, no sales.....until today! I've been working on some new things, which I'll add to the shop soon!


  1. Congratulations!! Well-deserved and I'm delighted for you!! hope you've made a lot of these..they won't last long!!

  2. Thanks for letting us know about your new etsy shop, I'll be checking it out very soon!!!!


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