Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Beloved Glue Brush

This glue brush has seen plenty of action! My mom just can't believe that I use this day in/day out! When the glue globs get too big to fit into the top of the glue jar, I pry them off and start the buildup all over again. (The buildup happens because I rest the brush on top of the open jar, and over time these glue "icicles" form). It's hard for me to let a glue brush go, and when the time comes to finally throw one out, it's hard for me to do! The one thing that tells me that it's time has come, is when the bristles start coming out.

Over the last few nights I've been working on some new crows and birds - as well as some more encaustic panels. Tonight is the night for finishing touches, and voila! tomorrow I'll have some new things!

1 comment:

  1. Jennifer that glue brush is a piece of art in itself. LOL
    Loving all the 'glue globs'


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