Friday, October 22, 2010

Encaustic Workshop - Day 1

I'm taking a 3 day Encaustic Workshop with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch....SO MUCH FUN!

Look at all these pots of coloured wax - don't you just want to dive in?!

This is a giant vat of melted beeswax. Smells so good!

Here's my pieces from day one. Tomorrow we add "stuff" to them, do some burning, image transfers, collage material.....

The last time I posted, I was about to do the "Ivory Vintage" market! Time is seriously flying by - scary! Here's a photo of the front foyer:

My table. This was my first time (this season) squeezing onto a 6 foot table. I'm used to having a 10 foot square tent to do whatever I wanted! Don't even ask about the obnoxious light in the middle!

I made my hubby take time off work so that I could go and do the 3 day workshop, so he decided to take the whole week off. Our daughter has been especially loving this, and is enjoying the leisurely mornings hanging out, reading books in bed. (Her dad has been loving it too!).

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