Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bird On A Wire Creations, Vancouver, B.C.

Bird On a Wire Creations is a local store here in Vancouver (2535 Main Street, near Broadway). It's a wonderful store that supports handmade and independent design from British Columbia. All designers are from a 100 mile radius of Vancouver.

Each month there are two "featured artists", and I'm thrilled to be one of the artists featured for the month of April!

On the first Thursday of the month (tomorrow), there is a "private view", (or small party) and wine & snacks are served between 7pm - 9:30pm. If you're in the neighbourhood - drop by to say hi!!!

All of my wares are displayed on that round table in front of the counter:
Here's one side:
Another side:
Another side:
These domino keychains are in the store:
These dominoes were turned into necklaces, and are in the store:
This is a beautiful colour in person: (in the store too)


  1. I wish I was closer, such a great shop! Your wares look amazing!

  2. Oh wow!!! Congrats on being a featured artist!

    I just ordered some glass tiles, etc., to make some necklaces. I've also been collected Scrabble tiles to make necklaces out of.

    Love the display and EVERY - STINKIN - THING!!!! One of each, please.....


  3. Congrats on being a featured artist, Jen! Well deserved!!! Looks like I'm going to have to take another trip down to Main St soon.

  4. I love the little girl with the bird on her head. Too great! :O)

  5. Your goodies look wonderful on display.


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