Saturday, October 8, 2011


Aloha! I've been away from blogging for a while! I finished the summer markets in Vancouver, and our family is on a 2 week holiday away in sunny Hawaii (Kona)!

We've been visiting a ton of beaches. This beach was so, so beautiful.....soft white sand, clear, warm water...but deceivingly dangerous. We didn't notice the warning of death and drowning signs until we left the beach, but we figured that out pretty quickly once we got there! The waves were very, very strong - too strong for my 5 and 7 year old non-swimmers! (although they didn't think that at all!)
In extreme contrast, we visited a black sand beach yesterday. It was neat....but kind of creepy. The black sand made the water dark, dark, dark. Up until now we've been used to seeing crystal clear water. I almost couldn't dip my toes in this water.....I just couldn't shake the idea of creepy things living in that black water just waiting to grab my feet! Of course I didn't project this fear to my kids!
This is my 7 year old sitting at "Snorkel Beach". This was by far my favourite beach so far. I brought my snorkel gear and spent a good long time watching the colourful fish and large turtles. It was seriously like swimming in an aquarium. I'm going to buy a disposable underwater camera and spend one more day at this beach before we leave!
Black sand beach again:
Snorkel Beach again:
Jumping the waves at "Surfer Beach":
"Surfing" with Oma (hahahahah - we were seriously the whitest people on the Island - especially my 7 year old! We don't stand out as much now though...)

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  1. Seeing everyone having fun in the sun is eye candy to me! What fun you are having. I look forward to hearing the stories. Me and Reese and Fiona are keeping the home fires burning. See you in a bit. Love mom. xo


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