Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Granville Island Store

Today I dropped off some new stock to a store on Granville Island....like these glass necklaces:
...and these game piece necklaces:
...and these scrabble tile earrings:
The store is called "Make", and it's filled with tons of great "things". I never leave without buying a little treasure of some sort.
Here's another peek at my items in the store:
I've still been very busy at the local farmers markets, and enjoying the fresh, fresh produce too! Every week the market is bursting with new, colourful, fresh, gorgeous fruits and veggies. Oh the smell of fresh tomatoes and basil is to die for!

Last weekend I bought a bunch of berries and turned them into (an amazing!) mixed berry crisp. YUM!

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  1. Hi Jennifer! I just wanted to tell you that I've followed your work for quite a while now and I happened to be in Vancouver this summer. As it was I didn't have much time to do any of the looking around I wanted to do but I had recalled you once having had a booth at the Trout Lake Farmer's Market, which we happened to go to while I was there. Unfortunately you didn't have a booth there at the time. So, it was a happy happenstance when I had a brief moment to pop into a little shop in the same building where my daughter lives on Main street - Bird On A Wire - and there I saw some of your work! Voila! So I bought a tree necklace much like the one in the middle in the top photo but in orange/pink/black. I love it. I had hoped to find one of your free standing collage ravens/crows ... but maybe next time or maybe I'll have to order one from your shop. Still, I felt it was kismet to so luckily stumble into a shop selling your work while I was there.

    Thanks for making my lovely necklace.


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