Monday, October 7, 2013

Mosaic Monday - Studio Love

Wow.....I can't believe the ENTIRE Summer came and went without popping in and blogging! It was a great summer. Great weather, great festivals, great family fun....but busy, busy, busy!! Autumn has arrived, along with dropping acorns, colourful leaves...and those hang-y silk worms dangling from the trees!

I very recently rented a studio space outside of my home. I can't show any photo's yet, because it's in shambles with paint supplies and Ikea boxes everywhere. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest though, admiring other people's "Studio Love" is the theme of my Mosaic Monday today! The links to the studios above can be found on my Pinterest board: Studio.


  1. Love your pictures here and great to discover your pinterest boards.

  2. wow, everything looks so interesting - I want to dive in and explore everything!


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