Saturday, June 9, 2012

Looking Forward to the Ladner Village Market Tormorrow!

Tomorrow is the first Ladner Village Market of the year, and I'm totally looking forward to it. uuuuggghhh - we've been dubbing June "June-uary" here on the West Coast. Fingers crossed that it doesn't rain tomorrow!! Remember all of those stacks of Scrabble Tiles I was working on last Wednesday? Here's a sampling of some finished ones: Some of these ones shown will be turned into lapel pins... ....and these will be turned into cuff links!


  1. beautiful work!
    here it is raining, I hope you have a sunny day,
    good luck,
    x Stefanie

  2.'s hoping for beautiful weather for you!

  3. Your tiles are beautiful. I like the style of the images you chose, you have a good eye. That sounds funny, right? Ok, you have two good eyes. Yikes. Pardon my goofiness, your blog is fun, thank you for sharing.


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