Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break

I've been in hibernation mode - I just can't get anything done around here. I start a project, get distracted, then start another project. I finally finished some things to put in some stores though (Kimprints and Two of Hearts), like these glass cube necklaces:
My kids are on Spring Break right now, so we decided to visit "Grandma and Grandpa" in the Caribou. Most people head off into the sun, but not us! You can tell by my daughter's body language that she is not a happy camper. She slid SO FAST down the icy snowy hill, that she ended up in the lake. At this time of year the ice on the lake is too thin to go on.....needless to say, she ended up crashing through the ice and getting wet. She was UNHAPPY!
Here's "Grandpa" (my dad). You can't go anywhere without cross country ski's or snowshoes on.
Here's Lucy!


  1. Grandpa looks a real sweet heat, so does Lucy
    Lynn x

  2. This dragonfly - pendants look very pretty.


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