Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WOYWW? 141

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Today I'm working on making some sewn paper chicks. Here I'm prepping some paper, by gluing old sewing pattern paper onto an old Chinese/English dictionary page with fluid acrylic medium:
Look at the state of my glue brush!!
Some body parts:
Although I have a brand new sewing machine, for some reason I'm using my 5 year old daughter's "Hello Kitty" sewing machine!
I'm still working on the owls that I talked about last week, but today it's all about the chicks! I have to head out to get my hair cut, but I'll post some photo's later today of some (hopefully) finished chicks!

I mention my haircut because it's a HUGE deal for me to actually get it cut. I'm a hairstylist who hates getting her own hair cut! I get it cut about once every 18 months....wish me luck!

Head on over to Julia Dunnit's "Stamping Ground" to see what other's are up to today! She mentions in her post today that she's been getting requests for people to turn off their word verification's in the comments section. I'm keeping mine on due to some massive spamming that I've gotten in the past - sorry for the inconvenience!

Later Wednesday.......

I came back from my hair appointment and made this little bird. There's lots of mistakes, but I sure learned a lot. The next ones will be MUCH better....and hopefully I won't run out of wire for the 2nd foot! lol


  1. I would dearly know what you are doing here but I don't have a clue -it looks fabulous!

  2. Haha!! I'm the same way about haircuts..I cut my own! I was a hairstylist for years. :)

    My daughter has a Bratz sewing machine, but we just scored an old Sears machine from a thrift store. Love it.

  3. This looks a really, really interesting project - love the paper already and the use of the sacking for body parts. Have signed up to 'follow' as I need to see what the end product looks like. My Granddaughter's name is Kitty and any 'Hello Kitty' stuff makes me smile.
    Ann B

  4. Good luck with your haircut! Love the peek at the chicks! I am sure that they will be fabulous once they are done! Have a great WOYWW (I guess that depends on the result of the trip to the salon!)!- Amanda #149
    PS-I am giving away blog candy in honor of Valentines Day Candy! Pop on over!

  5. Cute sewing machine lol. cant wait to see the end result. Happy WOYWW. Thanks for letting me have a snoop around your workdesk!!!
    Will be back next week to snoop some more.
    Lisa (WOYWW 8) xx

  6. love your altered, stitched art, a busy workspace, Great workspace, Happy WOYWW 141, thank you for sharing,# 50 (was #52 previously)

  7. How interesting to use the combo of the dictionary pages with the sewing patterns (Hazel, WOYW #136) x

  8. I love your glue brush and sewing machine!!! good luck with the hair cut, Have a great week Hugs May x x x x

  9. The little bird is gorgeous and I think your glue brush is a work of art on its own.

  10. WOW WOW WOW! Stunning bird. :)

    Fab glue brush too!


  11. Beautiful job on the bird. I laughed at you glue brush, has to be the best i have ever seen!

  12. Thanks for sharing the steps to your cute chickens. The glue brush was a gem! A total gem!!!

  13. Cute chickens, love your creative way of making them. Lol at the glue brush, it looks like it's growing it's own crystals! Take care, thanks for sharing & enjoy this week's WOYWW. Zo xx 86

  14. love the chickens! thanks for a peek onto your desk.

    Michele x160


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