Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tomorrow's the First Christmas Fair of the Season!

Are you feeling Christmas-y yet?...or is it still to early for you?

I'm feeling the buzz - tomorrow's my first Christmas Craft Fair of the season! I've just started to post my 2011 Winter fairs on the sidebar to the right.....there's more to add (when I find a little scrap of time!!)

I have a favourite out of every batch that I make - this one's my favourite for today:
It's made on a German Scrabble Tile piece:
Since the fair is tomorrow, today is filled with assembly line craziness!


  1. everything looks wonderful!! you are sure to sell out!! have fun at the Fair !!!

  2. Can't wait to see you & hear all about your trip to Hawaii! (This is assuming I get set up early, of course. haha!)

  3. Wow, I can understand why it´s your favourite, and the photo of it is beautiful! Wish I could visit you on the fair ...


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