Monday, July 25, 2011

Mosaic Monday

I'm always on the lookout for heart shaped rocks....but I never "see" them. Other people just glance down at the ground and see them here, there and everywhere!
1. true love, 2. heart collection, 3. heart rock, 4. Heart Rocks, 5. Hearts, 6. Heart shaped rocks, 7. one doesn't have a heart of stone, 8. palavras pedra, 9. hearts collected, 10. From my heart's beach, 11. all the world loves a lover, 12. Heart of Stone

Instead, I'm drawn to the rocks with rings through them (which I also like a whole lot!). We went to White Rock beach after the Farmer's Market on Saturday. You that I look at this photo again, the rock on the far right looks like a heart doesn't it?
The kids goofing around on the pier.
You should have seen the huge portion of fish and chips that we ate after this!....good 'ol Moby Dick's!

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