Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet "Brown Head" and "Pink Strawberry"

My 4 year old made these finger puppets the other day with her grandma:
Here she is "flipping the bird" lol. This is "Pink Strawberry"...
...and this donkey's name is "Brown Head". You should hear the elaborate (ongoing) saga that these two go through. Luckily, grandma is writing the script out as it's being created. A puppet play is planned with popcorn sometime this weekend ~ fun!
A few years ago, I bought this box full of vintage sweater samples from the auction. I had no idea what I was going to do with it (and still don't), but I couldn't pass up all the vintage colours and patterns. A couple of months ago I felted them all, thinking I was going to make felted flower brooches.....but it didn't happen.....yet! I have a feeling there will be LOTS more finger puppets on the horizon.
Since we're on the topic of 4 year olds, here's a fancy-schmancy lunch. I think I took the photo because I was a little bit jealous....I had a "boring" salad. There's a commercial on tv right now that's promoting nutella, telling us how many hazelnuts are in a jar, and that there's just a "touch" of cocoa......somehow this made it ok for me to serve it as part of a "nutritious" lunch. It's just like peanut butter right?


  1. nutella is good for you! i am making chocolate mousse for dessert tonight [nutella/butter/whipping cream] - yum!

    btw - i would love to buy the vintage labels from you - if you don't plan to use them.

  2. Hello Jennifer,
    I just recived your beautiful OWOH doorprice. Thank you so much. I will post about is soon and signed in as a follower too.
    Happy weekend


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