Sunday, September 26, 2010

Farmers Market Recap

My laaaaaast Summer Farmers Market was yesterday! The tent can be put away for another time for rest though. Those Winter fairs are just around the corner!

I discovered the BEST preserves EVER yesterday at the market from "Wild Westcoast Rainforest Products". This Wild Blackberry Pepper Jelly is absolutely amazing. Seriously. I've never had preserves as good as hers! The Blackberry Rose Jelly was pretty delicious too!....and get this - her last name is "Canning"!....and her dentist's last name is "Smiley"!

I bought some fresh cheese at the market too, and enjoyed them on some crunchy crackers.

These Earthgirl soaps are also pretty great!

I meant to buy some of these coffee soaps, but I got too busy to drop by.

Purebread - "Unique handmade breads"......I don't even have words to describe their baked goods. If you see them at the market, you have to buy something....anything from them! You'll know what I mean!

This time of year is the best for farm veggies. All the stalls are bursting with fresh and colourful fruits and veggies. You should see the garlic....and smell the basil.....and the tomatoes.....

The markets run until October 23rd....if you live near a market, be sure to drop by!

Also - mark your calendars! The Vancouver Farmers Markets - HOLIDAY market will be on Saturday (only) - December 11
10am - 6pm, at the Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Drive. I plan on doing most of my Christmas shopping at this market!

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